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The Heart

Does your heart ache
With a yearning
So strong
It squeezes
It can barely take a beat?

The heart
So powerful
Yet so clumsy
Barely able to handle
It’s own strength

Squeeze and squeeze
Hard to find that release
That moment to let
The blood

Out into every crevice
Every single cell
To nourish, to love,
To bring the dead
To life.

– Sarah Mansour

The Kaleidoscope

How do we find

Who are we?
Who are you?
Who is “us”?

Just floating
In and out of a
vague consciousness

Is this real
Is what I see what you see?
All these perceptions,
All these points of view
But what is reality?

The world through all of our eyes
looking through a kaleidoscope
with no idea what lies before it

Where am I?
Where are we?
I cannot tell you.

All I can be sure of
Is that we are here.

-Sarah M.

Forsaken Memory

Was it my fault?
Tell me
Was it my fault that I was alive –
Alive enough to be human?

We all make them, right?
Then how come my own
were not excusable?

You’re a hypocrite
I hope you know
I know and I won’t forget

So if you ever try
Ever try to come near me again
I’ll show the world just how
you are

So let me answer my own question-
Was it my fault?
The fault lies
In the deception, the poison
That you bleed

This anger-
This anger will not die with me.
It will rest here
In this second
In this moment
To rot and die

Along with your memory.

Gaza, You Will Be Free

Listening to the silence
That envelopes me
In its soft caress

“Lay your head down” it whispers
“The day will soon be over”

But it violently pulls back
As the booming sounds of bombs
Start to fill my ears
The screams
The cries
The agony

My mind it races
The pictures fly around
Children bleeding,
Mothers pleading
Fathers silently crying
Hoping, praying

Oh Gaza
Oh Gaza there is no peace
No peace in my heart nor yours until you are free

The silence that is my blessing will one day be yours as well
No longer will there be the screeching of rockets up above your heads
No longer will there be the booms and clangs of artillery demolishing your homes
No longer will there be the harsh voices of unmerciful militants ordering you around

There will be peace
And the silence will be yours

Oh Gaza, you will be free.